You Can Renovate Your Lawn By Power Raking

If you are planning to renovate your lawn, or get rid of old and tired grass and replace it with new and vibrant grass, the best way to do this is by using a Power Rake. A power Rake is a smaller machine, that is about the size of a lawnmower. A lawnmower is a bit different in a sense that it has a long horizontal handle. The handle on a power rake tends to be vertical. The blades on a power rake spin vertically instead of horizontally. It can cut grass as it grows up, but a power rake can cut grass from side to side. Actually, power rake is specifically designed to remove sideways growing grass.

Power raking is important, because if the lawn gets too crowded, it has a hard time getting enough water and sunlight. This causes the grass to be unhealthy and stop growing. However, if you take the time to use a power rake, you can get rid of unhealthy build up. Power raking can do a whole lot, and it is much cheaper than tearing out your lawn and trying to replace it with new sought. Usually, you can power rate, seed, and apply a layer of top dressing for about 15 to 20%, of what it would cost you to replace your lawn. Sometimes, you can get just as good of results when you use a power rake.

Even though this machine is an effective way to control moss, and get rid of old grasses, it does not do a very good way to get rid of weeds. If your lawn has more than 50% weeds in it, we recommend that you carried out with a sod cutter and then replace it with new sod. If it has less than 50% weeds, then you should probably use a weed killer to get rid of the weeds. Please note that it may take one or two applications of weed killer in order to get rid of all of the weeds.