Wooden Stackable Storage Cubes

Wood storage cubes can be as interesting and unique as plastic storage drawers. It could be great permanent addition to any bedroom , basement garage and living room . The nature of these stackable items have become both iconic as well as recognizable. In fact, these stackable storage cubes have become so popular that several fashionable lines have been created in beautiful wooden tones, which can add a tasteful aspect to any decor. No longer are the need for boring and temporary storage containers. The styles of wooden cubes range from the basic open-face versions to more sophisticated ones with built-in doors and drawers. Best of all, they are fairly inexpensive for the look compared to the uninteresting plastic alternatives.

National brand retailers like the Target corporation features these storage cubes in appealing classical open-faced designs. They are available in either black or white and sold as a pair for the bargain price of 19.99. The retailer also has several other models in two-cube storage packs instead of the single packs.

Another popular retailer called www.stacksandstacks.com, also sells storage cubes but exclusively online. Their selection is somewhat better than Target and includes cubes not only in black and white, but in honey and brown. These items are priced a bit higher at 19.99 plus and additional 4.99 for shipping and handling per cube. So, be careful, since four of these can really add up on the overall cost. But they are created from high-grade materials such as laminated particleboard, making them extremely strong and resilient.

The Stacks company also sells a modular cube system that creates 9 different compartments for storage. These versions make organization simple especially inside smaller closets and bedrooms. With models that come in black, cherry and honey, they also come in the classic design with the same PVC finish that can withstand up to 200 pounds.

Wooden stackable storage cubes really help.

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For styles that are suited for the outdoors, www.juststoragebenches.com sells a storage cube that is larger than normal. In fact, it is so large, that it can be used to store items like small pool pumps, garden supplies or many other outdoor tools and equipment. The basic wooden model is made from North American Aspen and getting what you need out of it is as simple as opening the top lid. To withstand the outdoor exposure, it is painted with an all weather coating which adds extra protection and overall durability. This wood storage cube sells at around 250 dollars.

If you are in search for some more storage space for your bedroom closet or outdoor storage units for your backyard patio or deck, the above companies in this article has a wide selection of wood storage cubes for your needs. Not only are they affordable and functional, but they are extremely attractive as well.

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