Wood vs. uPVC French Doors

You might not know this already, but uPVC French doors require less maintenance than wooded French doors and plantation shutters so you can have the same beautiful looks and sophistication with less work on your part. This goes really good with frosted window film. There is no scraping, painting, or sealing required with upvc doors. They also make a great exterior door because just about all of them come fitted with built in hardware locking mechanisms which will keep them secure. This type of door may not be good as fireplace doors because it may not stand the extreme heat. When you are looking at the locks on these doors make sure that the locks secure the doors to the framework as well as to each other, which is called a three point lock, as a single lock between doors is easy to push open.

When you are pricing the new doors you will find that the installation on these doors cost almost as much as the doors them selves do, while having the job done for you is so much easier, you will probably be asking your self the question, can I do this my self? Installing these doors is not an easy job, but it is done by a lot of DIY types, so the answer is probably yes you can.

Realize the reasons why you should opt for a UPVC french door and window.

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One thing that you will want if you do decide to take this job on yourself is to buy prehung doors. This is where the door frames are already made and the doors are already on the hinges in the frames and you are left with no fitting of the doors them selves you only have to fit the whole package into the wall opening which makes this whole job much easier. This is very similar to installing a uPVC Window in that it is already assembled and you just have the one piece to place in the opening and get level.

These prehung doors for the do it your selfers usually come with all of the instructions included but for those who want a more complete step by step plan you can go online and find many how-to articles giving you all of the steps that you need. Be sure though to read over the manufactures instructions for any steps that are particular to the type of door that you have.

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