Why Your Aching Back Needs A Latex Mattress

I personally own and have enjoyed using a latex mattress for my primary bed for a while now.  I replaced a set of very expensive spring coil mattress sets three years ago and haven’t looked back since.  If you are unsure about what latex mattresses are, or even why they are more comfortable than regular mattresses, than you may want to take a moment to review our top reasons why latex mattresses are so popular. Using this is as comfortable as futon mattress for a futon bed.

A latex mattress is constructed of synthetic latex, natural latex, or a combination of the natural and synthetic.  There’s not a lot of difference between natural latex and synthetic.   The natural latex will appeal to those who prefer natural products over synthetic ones, or to those who are sensitive to synthetics. A natural latex mattress is usually more expensive.

Choosing a latex mattress.

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One of the more attractive attributes of latex is that it lasts a lot longer than other mattress materials which is good for adjustable beds, too.  The softness or hardness of the latex is determined in part by the typical pinholes that dot the latex core.  A dense distribution of large holes will make the latex softer, while smaller, less densely placed holes will be firmer.  If you have back, shoulder, neck, or hip problems, a firmer mattress will be best for you. Other materials are sometimes layered with the latex.  Memory foam is often used as a topper, which ads its own unique characteristics to the mattress. This combination increases the effectiveness of the latex material to soothe hurting joints.

Another one of the advantages of choosing a latex mattress is that is can support your weight by distributing it across the surface.  If you are heavy then a mattress made of latex will give you a much more comfortable night’s sleep than a traditional mattress. Whether you are simply seeking a comfortable mattress for a deeper, more satisfying sleep or you are investigating the various styles for therapeutic reasons, look into online sources to learn which might be best for your own personal needs.

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