Why Use A Gooseneck Lamp?

There are many benefits gained when using a gooseneck lamp. They are extremely adjustable, available in many different styles and sizes and can be either decorative or functional. It can be placed in your library or room next to your pine bookcase. The main reason most people purchase these lamps is because of the flexible nature of the neck of the lamp. You can shine the lamp in any direction you like, even around behind the lamp itself as they are that flexible. They are also great for placing in corners or behind furniture.  They can also be a good piano lamp. Most lamps have one neck and shade while others have either one neck that is split at the top with two shades on it, or two necks each with their own shade at the end. Naturally, these can shine light in two directions. Others are more simple, just one neck and shade.

The advantages of having gooseneck lamps in your home.

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Gooseneck floor lamps are gaining in popularity. They can sit nicely in a corner, illuminating shadowed areas, or they can sit behind a reading chair, allowing the light to shine over one shoulder onto your reading material. Many floor lamps have multiple shades. These can be used to provide lighting to people sitting in two different chairs, or they can be purely decorative. The more decorative type often have color coordinated shades. Many of these type of lamps can be regulated as to how many bulbs are shining at any one time, thus utilizing modern energy saving features.

If you are looking for a more traditional style desk lamp there are plenty to be found. While the student lamp is usually more basic in style, designer lamps can be very decorative and classy. Some are made with a brushed steel base, other bronze. Some also have gold edging around parts of the lamp. Naturally, these do cost quite a bit more than the regular gooseneck lamp but they do have an elegant air that is simply charming.

With so many choices available, you should easily be able to find a gooseneck lamp that suits each location in your home.

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