Why Some People Hate Counter Height Dining Sets

So why is that some people hate counter height dining sets? You don’t know what they are? They are basically regular tables and chairs, except they are 6 inches higher. Well, not always 6 inches, but in most cases this number is pretty accurate. Well, in order to answer the initial question, we need to figure out the cons and pros of this type of furniture.

What can be the good sides of these counter height dining sets? They are lovely to look at. That’s it. Well, also if you have a bar in your house, then having a counter height dining set can be a good combo with it and might allow you to reach the bar easier, and you might also enjoy the amount of free space at your feet when you are sitting behind those sets, but that’s it. Done.

Bad things are many times more numerous than good qualities. They are uncomfortable to climb, if you are a child or are old. That means that if you have a family with kids and grandparents you should not buy those counter height dining sets. If you do, you will have to constantly support and help your kin to ascend these giants and on a regular basis. It can become tiresome, mind you. For this very reason they are not ideal for your family dining room. A much better idea is to put them into a kitchen or for outdoor parties where young, healthy, and able people are using them.

Choosing the right material for your counter height dining sets.

flickr by VLG PD

You might get surprised at the weight of these sets. They are quite heavy, unlike glass dining table sets. If you do decide to buy them, then you should call a few friends to help you carry the pieces into your house, because usually it is impossible for one individual to handle this task. You can however ask the delivery man to do this for you, and unless he is very busy, he might agree. Do not buy cheap counter height dining sets, though – they don’t look good, and don’t last long, which means a waste of time and money.