Why Microwave Carts Are Better Than Microwave Stands

What Is A Microwave Stand?

A microwave stand is a type of organizational kitchen device that is designed to hold your microwave anywhere between 8 and 12 inches off your counter tops. They are particularly useful for people with small kitchens and low counter-tops because they bring the height of your microwave to a more desirable level, as well as providing you will extra storage space for small appliances, spices, and even foodstuffs.

What Is A Microwave Cart?

A microwave cart is similar to a microwave stand in that it gives you extra counter space, as well as de-cluttering your kitchen. However, a microwave cart differs from a microwave stand in the fact that it is a separate unit from your counters. Most microwave carts have wheels and extra shelving for other appliances and cookware, as well as racks for utensils, pots, and pans. While a microwave cart does give you the ability to remove the microwave from your kitchen for storage, it does take up extra floor space making it ideal for medium sized kitchens.

Microwave Cart Vs. Microwave Stand

Choosing between a microwave cart and a microwave stand is highly dependent on the size of your kitchen. If you are looking for space savings in a small kitchen, a microwave cart will likely be too bulky for your limited square footage. A microwave stand will give you about 2-4 square feet of extra counterspace for organizing and preparing meals. However, if you are looking to de-clutter or add counter-space in a decent sized kitchen, a microwave cart may be the perfect solution. The cart is essentially a movable addition to your counter tops. That way you have more space for organization as well as meal preparation in a smaller space. Both offer unique organizational features such as drawers, compartments, hooks, and shelves so be sure to explore all of your options.