Why Choose A Scarf Valance?

There are so many styles of window treatments available these days that it can get quite difficult to decide what to hang at your windows and if you are looking for window valances, you are probably wondering which style of valance to choose. Here are some reasons why a scarf valance may be right for you.

1. Style of Decor

Different types of valances go with different types of room. More informal rooms such as kitchens or breakfast nook, bathrooms and kids’ room work well with a less formal style of valance, while dining rooms and living rooms tend to favor a more traditional style such as an ascot valance and crisply tailored swag and tail designs. While a scarf valance is an informal style, it depends on the type of fabric, which rooms it would be suitable for. A sheer scarf valance, for example, is slightly romantic in nature and therefore is best of all in a bedroom with very soft romantic style decor, whereas one in softly draped gingham would be great in a country style kitchen.

When looking for the best fabric for your scarf valance.

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2. Cost

As scarf valances are easy to manufacturer, being just a simple length of fabric, they are generally lower in cost than more formal valances and are therefore more likely to be affordable if you have a limited budget.

3. Easy to Hang

Scarf valances are merely draped over a drapery rod or through valance rings or holders. You might spend a little time arranging the folds as you want them but there is not really anything complex to hanging them. They are also very forgiving when it comes to measuring up as you can usually get a great effect with various lengths of fabric, depending on how many times you loop it over the pole and so on. If you don’t like the creative element of arranging things like that however, you will not like hanging a scarf valance as there is no right and wrong way to do it, only your way.

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