Where To Use Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film is made to apply to windows, hence its name. It is one of the best patio door window treatments. However there are all kinds of useful things you can do with window film around your home and for your fireplace doors to give it a boost and to add a little décor to drab surfaces.

The main thing people use window film for is to cover up all or part of a window or plantation shutters. People will frequently apply some to the bottom section of a window, especially in rooms where people can easily see in from the outside. This permits you to keep your curtains open as much as you want to without having to worry about passersby looking straight into your living areas or bedroom.  Some prefer to install plain colored film, while other people have made quite artistic designs on their windows with colored and patterned frosted window film.  It is easy to find both types on sale for relatively cheap prices.

The good things frosted window film brings.

flickr by Pacific Window Tinting

Another prime spot for applying film is on glass front or back doors. This is especially helpful if you have plain glass on your door as it will prevent people who come to your door from being able to see directly into your home. It also adds a nice touch to what can sometimes be an otherwise fairly plain door.

You can also used patterned and colored frosted window film for decoration purposes. For example, you can add it around the sides of a window to add a little color to a window, or put a strip at the bottom of your window pane. You can likewise decorate mirrors in the same fashion. In fact, if you are creative you may find all types of ways to liven up your mirrors and windows without it costing very much money at all. Some people will also place the film on clear glass doors of cabinets, especially if they are trying to cover a mix match of different objects stored in the cupboard.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can use something as simple as glass window film to liven up and decorate your home. It does not cost very much yet it can instantly transform whatever it is placed on.