What Material Is Best For Bathroom Blinds?

Bathroom blinds offer versatility to the room lighting that is unlike anything afforded by shades or curtains to cover some areas like the bathroom sinks. It’s good to use black out blinds for bathrooms where you can. They allow for the incoming light to be adjusted in increments that no other method can accomplish. The question is what material will hold up best in the bathroom environment?

The bathroom is traditionally the dampest room in the home between the water and steam that is generated. This can cause some issues in regards to mold growth and material breakdown for the bathroom window blinds. There are several options when it comes to what the blinds are made of and the right one will need to be selected to help avoid these problems. These are tips if you want your questions about how to get rid of mold be answered.

Artificial materials such as PVC plastic and vinyl are a great choice as they are easily kept clean and absorb very little moisture. Cellular shades are good examples of these blinds. The same can be said for faux wood blinds, but these do tend to look very fake, even with just a passing glance. Aluminum blinds which are good for will also accomplish the same task as the moisture will not penetrate the material.

Decide for the right material for your bathroom blinds.

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Real wood blinds for the bathroom should be avoided at all costs as they will soak up every bit of extra moisture until they are saturated. They will then warp out of shape and not close properly along with looking absolutely horrible. The blinds then become a breeding ground for mold and fungus due to the warmth and moisture in the room, becoming a health hazard to the family.

When choosing the right bathroom blinds material, be sure to keep in mind their longevity in regards to direct sunlight. The artificial materials hold up much better than natural ones such as wood and bamboo and require less upkeep than natural materials. By using these guidelines, a homeowner can get the most out of the blinds they purchase for the bathroom.