What Are The Benefits Of A Drop Leaf Table?

Drop leaf tables are popular pieces of furniture.  If you are thinking of buying one for your home, then it’s a great decision.  Here are the reasons why people love their drop leaf tables, and the benefits that this unique style of furniture gives you.

A drop leaf table can be of any size of height.  The thing that draws them all together is that they have at least one fixed piece, and one or two leaves, or movable panels.  These leaves are on hinges, and can be raised and locked into position, or they can be dropped so that they hang down along the sides of the table.

Choosing the best drop leaf table that suits a part of your home.

flickr by Doucette and Wolfe Furniture Makers

The main benefit that people find with drop leaf tables is that they can save a lot of space, while still looking great.  If you are looking to add a comfortable dining space to a room that may be a bit cramped, then this is the perfect way to do it.  You can extend the leaves out for more room at the table if you need it, or drop them down so that you have plenty of space around the table.

Another benefit is the huge range of styles that are available.  The size of the leaves can vary, and you can find tables that have only very small drop-leaves, and a larger fixed center, or tables with large leaves, and a fixed piece that is very small.  Height is another thing that varies, and drop leaf tables are common as low coffee tables, high bistro-style tables, end tables, and dining tables.  They are a versatile style that looks great with anything, from formal and elegant upholstered dining chairs to casual bar stools.

With their unique style and versatility, their space-saving ability, and the huge choice that you have when it comes to styles, a drop leaf table is a great addition to any home.