What Are Some Of The Major Advantages To Aerating?

Aerating the lawn is fun. But there are also a lot of other fun things you can do it your time.  So there has to be another reason why you would want to aerate your lawn. Well, there are in fact, at least six other reasons why you should aerate your lawn. These reasons are as follows:

One, aerating your lawn helps to reduce water runoff, and it also helps to improve the drainage of your soil. Two, aerating helps reduce compacted soil, and as this happens, it increases your root development. It helps you maintain healthy roots even during the summer. Three, aerating helps to reduce the chances of your lawn getting damaged due to a drought. Because you have roots that go deeper into the soil, they are more likely to find the water that they need, even if water is scarce.

The number four reason is, aeration done on a regular basis helps reduce thatch build up in your lawn.  This is because it allows more oxygen, and the oxygen is what helps aerobic bacteria to break down the thatch much faster. Five, when you aerate lawn on a regular basis, you are allowing water, air and nutrients direct access to the soil. It takes these things directly to the roots of your plant, where they are most needed. Six, not only does aerating help you develop thicker turf, but it can also help to thicken up your lawn. It helps you out when you are trying to overseed, and it also helps increase the effectiveness of fertilizing your lawn. For this reason, many people choose to fertilize their lawn right after they have aerated it in the spring or in the late fall. Fall is a great time for putting down fall or winter fertilizer. Most importantly, aerating helps you to have a nicer looking lawn, that is greener and more healthy than it would be if you had not taken the chance to aerate.