Vintage Home Decorating Ideas For Country Living!

It seems that more and more people are ditching traditional looks and going with modern design these days – but classic country home decorating ideas have never gone out of style, especially for those that prefer charming elegance to contemporary utilitarianism. Of course, southern decor does continue to evolve and change as trends come and go, but every country home needs a few time-honored touches to serve as reminders of this popular look’s rich heritage.

Save money and add character by adding vintage southern decor; even pieces of other styles can be modified or repurposed to look great in the contemporary country home!

It can be rewarding and economical to develop a “bargain hunter” habit – new home decorating ideas can strike at every rummage sale or thrift store! Be on the lookout for solid wood furniture pieces that can add a punch of nostalgia like pie safes, quilt racks, and butter churns. Refinish antique tables and chairs, or throw a quick coating of whitewash or paint over a piece that may be irreparably distressed.

Considering vintage home decorating ideas for country living.

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Nothing says “country” like lively floral designs. Old horticulture prints are easy and cheap to come by and look great framed on the wall, but other homeowners choose to throw caution into the wind with bloom-patterned wallpaper. Stencils can take some of the pressure off the wallet, proving a wonderful and much more characteristic alternative to expensive papering.

Southern design never reaches full potential without some highly personal touches. Contact family members to find old postcards or letters addressed to namesake ancestors – enlarged and framed, these decorative wall hangings become instant family heirlooms.

Even if your interior design scheme is predominantly up-to-date, there is always room for a fabulous second-hand piece of history – country cottage home decorating ideas are definitely not limited to actual country cottages!