Vegetable Planting in the County

Visiting my parents one weekend, the children and I were surprised to be greeted by the sight of a parade and a lot of fun fare. They were celebrating their annual county fair. Reaching my parents house and getting settled, the children could not wait to go and see what the fair offered and so I let them go to the fair grounds. My parents were busy harvesting from their vegetable garden and preparing them for display to be sold in their booth at the fair. They have been planting vegetables for the past five years and their products are pretty popular in the county. They have been growing squash, cabbages, carrots and other vegetables which were always awaited for at the fair. For the past three years, my parents have garnered the blue ribbon award for growing the biggest squash in the whole county.

Since my dad retired from his medical profession six years ago, my parents decided to move back too their old family house in the county and spend their retirement days there. My dad sometimes helps out at the hospital as a consultant with some medical cases and my mom gets busy with her vegetable garden. They both love working in their garden, always keeping in sight that highly coveted blue ribbon at the county fair. My dad often helps my mom when planting vegetables, especially with the digging and the cultivating of the soil. They spend most of their time tending their vegetables making sure that they are healthy and strong. Their vegetable garden has become a source of their pride and joy.

Exhibiting their products at the fair, the children had a grand time helping them sell their products and they even got paid for helping after everything was sold. We were not surprised that they won the blue ribbon for the biggest squash in the county, again. Everyone agreed that their squash could squash the competition every time. All in all spending the weekend with my parents turned out to be great and the kids even promised to come back and help again at the next county fair.