Using Storage Bins In Homes Where Space Is A Luxury

For those of us living in large suburban homes, storage isn’t that big of a worry. You may need to do some balancing here and there, but overall, if you want to just throw something in the attic and forget about it, that’s not too hard to do.

This is not the case for those of us making do with smaller homes, or apartments in the city. In these types of homes storage is a limited luxury, and we have to juggle what little space we have. We can do this by using our furniture as extra storage space, or getting decorative storage boxes that add to the room, rather than take away from it.

But really, the route most of us take is stuffing things anywhere we can. There’s nothing wrong with filling up underneath our bed, or even under our couches or TV stands. I’ve filled a few closets full of storage bins in my day, certainly. But there’s only so much of this you can do in these small homes.

Choose the best storage bins that suit your needs.

flickr by manue_aka_crazeecrafteez

The more preferred way to manage this is through the use of decorative storage. Imagine having an antique trunk in your living room full of extra books and clothes. You buy a couple other decorations that match the antique trunk theme and now you have a home that is better designed that 90% of the apartments you’re ever going to walk into. The same idea works in the bathroom as well. If your bathroom has a blue coloring to it, for example, get a blue, square cloth carrying bag, put some toilet paper, shampoo, and soap in it, and set it right by the toilet. It will look spectacular, and you’ll probably have friends copy it.

It’s strange how just a little bit of design will add mountains of personality to your home, but let’s just take advantage of it rather than question it. Storage may be a luxury, but so is careful thought and execution.