Using An Up Flush Toilet System In Your Basement Bathroom

When you are installing an additional bathroom in your basement, chances are you are going to wreck the floor just to get new pipes installed. This will cost you time and money since you are going to need new materials for both your ruined floor and new bathroom. Fortunately for you, there are toilet systems that do not require you to demolish your basement just to add it in.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of digging up your basement floor, then you might want to use upflush toilet systems. These kinds of units use electricity to discharge your wastes. It uses a heavy duty pump which is activated by a float and switch. It also requires a GFCI receptacle installed near it. Usually, they are placed near or under the toilet and can also serve as a sink and a tub.

Using up flush toilet system brings a lot of benefits.

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So how does an upflush toilet unit work? As mentioned before, it uses a pump which is activated by a float and switch. The unit’s tank, once its lower portion fills, starts pumping up the waste through a 2-inch drain. It then passes on to a 3-inch vent. From here, the waste travels on to the drains.

Previous upflush toilet systems were badly made and needed constant repair. New models, though, are much more reliable. You just have to make sure that the unit you purchase is powerful enough to deliver the waste to the drain.

Adding a new bathroom toilet in your basement can sometimes cause you to restructure your basement floor. Fortunately, there are special toilets which you can use that do not require you to dig up your floor just to add new pipes and lines. An example would be an upflush toilet unit. With this, all you have to worry about is the new materials for your additional bathroom toilet, and not your ruined basement floor.