Using A Modern Shower Caddy

The modern shower caddy is the most popular choice for storing items in our showers these days. More people use these caddies over pocketed shower curtains and even storage cabinets made specifically for showers. There are two reasons why shower caddies have become so popular. In the first instance they are very convenient. You are not going to need to turn or twist on the slippery floor of the shower because the caddy is going to be hanging from the shower head which will be only a foot or so in front of you. The only really downside to shower caddies is that they are mostly made out of metal which is going to rust. The two most bought metal caddies are made from either stainless steel which is resistant to rust, or from regular steel which is then rubberized to stop it rusting, you can get plastic caddies too.

Most of these caddies will be very simple wire racks with shelving or even wire baskets on them. You can get other styles though. Some of them will come with small cabinets on them or even solid wooden shelves. These can weigh quite a lot so you have to be careful with them. If one of these were to fall they could easily damage an expensive floor tile.

The shower caddy is without doubt one of the most functional pieces of storage that you can have in a shower room and finding one that you like shouldn’t be hard. Having a quick look online you will see that every shape, color, size and style imaginable is there. The prices on the internet will be quite a bit lower than in shops, and if you look around you will no doubt find substantially cheaper prices. Look out for vendors such as a Koehler or Interdesign, these companies are well known for their bathroom and plumbing fixtures.

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