Two Choices for Window Screens

Home window screens provide your house with outdoor air while keeping annoying insects out. Two primary types of window screens that homeowners can choose are adjustable and retractable window screens. Each offers unique characteristics and benefits you should consider before choosing.

Adjustable Window Screen

An adjustable window screen is available in multiple sizes and can fit into small, medium or large size windows. These window screens are typically lightweight, with frames being made from wood, fiberglass, or aluminum. Homeowners can find adjustable window screens that fit wood frame windows, vinyl-double-hung windows, or metal frame windows.

Homeowners should make sure to measure their window frame width carefully before purchasing an adjustable screen. If you don’t bother to measure your window, you may find yourself with the wrong size screen, meaning that when extended to its full width, the screen won’t cover all the window space.

If the screen is the right size for the window, you simply extend it until it fits the window frame width perfectly. This ability to be extended allows an adjustable screen to be easily installed without any special tools.

Once an adjustable window screen is installed, you can easily remove the screen and close the window whenever you like. This is very convenient when evenings get too cool to allow breezes into your home.

Retractable Window Screen

A retractable window screen is built to slide into and out of a housing unit. When the screen is needed, you can easily slide it out to cover the open window or door. This allows you to see out while air can get in. When the screen is no longer needed, you can slide the retractable screen back into the housing. Most retractable screens slide vertically, but horizontal sliding screens are also available.

Because they can be put out of sight, these are also called invisible window screens.

Retractable screens are perfect for large patio windows that offer a beautiful view. When the screen is not in use, homeowners will have a clear view of the outdoors. People with decorative windows or French Doors often choose retractable window screens that let them highlight their gorgeous windows or doors. And because they can be hidden away, retractable screens can also let more light enter a home.

A retractable window screen is often more expensive than the adjustable type, but retractable screens are a favorite among consumers for their ease of use and ability to not get in the way of a great outdoor view.