Twin Mattresses For Tight Spaces

When it comes to designing or decorating a smaller room in your home, there are some challenges you face. First of all, you’ll need to consider what feeling you want in the room. Once you have this established, you’ll want to keep proportions in mind. There is a ‘code’ in interior design that has to do with proportion and dimensions. You never want a room or other space in your home to feel overpowered by any one piece. You want items like fitted wardrobes, cabinets, futon bed other furnitures to be balanced and suited for the space they are in. This is just as true, if not more so, when we are speaking about using twin mattresses in smaller spaces. The smaller the space, the more important that fine balancing act becomes. They could be latex or futon mattress.

Read guidelines in choosing twin mattresses.

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There are some limitations with twin beds that come up as well. One such limitation is the sheer size of them because it is not a type of adjustable beds. Say you have a guest who is 6’3” tall. What are they going to sleep on? Well, they’ll probably end up on your couch or switch beds with you if you’re a completely gracious host. There are just so many things you can do to accommodate guests. There are extra long twin mattresses which can give you a bit more length. They measure at 39” wide by 80” long. This is a full 5” longer than a standard twin mattress, but still too short for someone of a significant stature. You will run into similar issues if someone is extremely overweight on this small size bed but there are adjustable.

One thing that is also popular in rooms of smaller sizes is the use of a futon. A futon bed is a great combination of a seating and sleeping options. Again, it may not be suited for those people that are on the taller side or the heavier side of the spectrum, but they work great for most people in between. These have the added benefit of being even smaller in size when folded up in their couch position. This way, they can be used as extra seating or as a sofa when not in use as a bed. A twin sized futon makes a great complement to many modern homes. Futons have become popular again as the quality and craftsmanship going into them has significantly improved over the past decade or two. Remember, when it comes to twin mattresses, your choices are quite flexible, just like a futon.

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