Turning Your Bathroom Into A Home Spa Experience

The Romans did it, the Japanese love them and even today the Turkish are famed for theirs. The use of bathing as a means of relaxation has been around for centuries. The sound of the water and its purifying effects on the body make a visit to a spa an unforgettable experience. However an average spa day is also unforgettable for any budget conscious individual.

In a time of economic stress it may seem that giving up on such a means of relaxation is the only option. However think again – using these 6 concepts below you will be able to transform your bathroom into a home spa sanctuary and yet still maintain its functionality within the home. An endless array of new technology means that devices such as steam saunas, multiple shower heads, and whirlpool baths are now available for home use. However creating a home spa does not even require the purchase of expensive appliances. It can be as budget conscious or as salubrious as you desire using these simple concepts.

Feng Shui

Feng shui is based upon Chinese philosophy and its principles can be applied to design and layout as a means of channelling the flow of energy and healing. According to Feng Shui principles bathrooms have a tendency to leak energy and therefore by properly balancing out the water energy within a bathroom such leakage can be prevented. For example closing all drains and plugholes and placing growing plants and mirrors within the bathroom. Whether or not you believe in Feng Shui it cannot be disputed that water has a relaxing and soothing quality. Any room which is focused around water has the capacity to soothe and relax.

Feed Your Senses

The ultimate spa experience is a feast for all of your senses and therefore recreating this experience within your own home requires you to feed each and every sense. Visually a spa is aesthetically pleasing. With luxurious tiling, large fluffy towels and calming neutral colours you too can recreate the visually stimulating aspects of a spa within your own home. Texture is also important as it stimulates the sense of touch. Contrast the hardness of the tiles with luxurious rugs which will also add warmth to the room.

One of the most important ways that a spa feeds your senses is through the use of smells. Invest in an oil burner and some essential oils. Use Bergamot to combat stress, peppermint to target mental fatigue and lavender to relax. Combine oil burners with soft lighting to give the ultimate feeling of calm.

The final way a spa can soothe is through the sounds of gentle music or other relaxing noises such as the sound of water. If it is within the budget buy a sound system, to be installed in the bathroom, taking into account the potential dangers of electrical leads near water. For those on a tighter budget you can buy a sound machine which will give a choice of relaxing sounds such as waves crashing on the sea or birds in a forest.


Keep your space warm and cosy at all times. Shivering is not conducive to relaxation and therefore it is important that you keep your bathroom space cosy and warm. This can be done by simply turning up the heating and allowing the steam from the hot water to engulf the room. Heated towel rails are another must-have. Not only should the towels feel luxurious they should also be warm and inviting at all times. If you truly want the full experience you can go further than this. You can install heated floors and heating lights overhead. What better way to relax than to step out of the bath onto warm floors. Stepping onto a cold floor with wet feet can cause your body temperature to drop. This can detract from the relaxation you are experiencing

Making a bathroom spa.

flickr by Mosby Building Arts

Bath vs. Shower

Personal choice is very important when it comes to deciding whether you prefer horizontal or vertical water relaxation. For those who like to soak in warm water then a whirlpool bath or spa insert is a necessary purchase. Soaking in hot bubbling water will both massage and relax you giving you a spa sensation of weightlessness. For those of you who prefer the sensation of showering there are also a number of products on the market. A rainshower showerhead will give you the sensation of tropical rainfall flowing over your body. Or you can also buy multiple showerheads which will pummel your body all over giving a massaging effect.


A major part of the spa experience has to be the decadent accessories. It is important that you pay attention to such details in your own home if you truly want to recreate the experience. Buy some luxurious scented products such as bath salts and oils. It is these extra touches that will really make the experience memorable. Just the smell or sight of such little extras will awaken all of your senses.

Now just sit back and relax! That means turning off all distractions as you would if you were in a spa. Turn off the mobile, turn the answering machine on and hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Enjoy.