Thoughts On A Basement Renovation

What a waste of space and resources it would be if you just left your basement a dark and dank storage room. Even a half basement can be as much as 1000 square foot of space and this is a great deal of waste if you do not take full advantage of it. The problems are that when most homes are built the basement is the last place you want to spend time in. The concrete is rough and unfinished, the air is damp, pipes and wiring is everywhere, and there are likely damp or wet spots on the floor and walls. It is hard to imagine anything you can do with a space like this.

Actually it is fairly simple to turn a basement from a dank hole in the ground to a beautiful and useful living and/or storage space. The walls and floor can be sealed with special resins to prevent dampness and the installation of a couple of good exhaust fans will take care of the rest. The floors can be tiled or carpeted and the walls can be paneled while you are installing a drop ceiling to conceal exposed pipes and wiring conduit. These are the first steps in basement renovation and cannot be ignored. These preparations will lay the ground work for the rest of the plan.

Doing a basement renovations brings a lot of good things.

flickr by Maggie in Montreal

You will next need to decide exactly what you want to do with all this extra space. If you have a full basement the space is actually large enough for several uses. A storage room, with cabinets and a lockable door, can be on one wall while a home theater is on the other wall and a pool table is in the middle. This allows you more storage space, and a way to clean out the garage and maybe remodel it as well. Family rooms are not the only alternatives either. Home offices, home gyms with spa and sauna, private bars, and many other purposes will present themselves as your basement remodeling proceeds.