Things To Know About Cork Flooring For The Bathroom (Or Any Room)

Cork bathroom flooring has become popular through the years with more and more homeowners seeing the benefits of using this material. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but it also feels warm and inviting, perfect for intimate sections of the house like the bathroom. Bathroom cork flooring symbolizes the perfect fusion of form and function.

One aspect of cork which people find so appealing is its durability. The material does not just have the ability to resist elements like moisture and rotting but it is incredibly resilient at the same time. It is very common for cork floors to last 50 to 100 years without the need to be replaced. Cork is different from other materials in that it bounces back after being subjected to stress. Walking on cork feels very warm and comfortable. Cork is an effective heat insulator so getting out of the shower won’t feel that cold when with bathroom cork flooring as opposed to tiles or marble.

Consider the great look of cork flooring.

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Cork is naturally resistant to bugs, termites and molds because the material contains suberin wax that makes it impermeable to these insects and microorganism. Although this waxy coat may give cork the ability to resist bacteria and other microorganisms and to some degree liquids as well, it’s still necessary that you clean up spills and puddles to lengthen the life of your bathroom cork floor.

There are a few things to remember when caring for cork floors. The first rule is to sweep your floor often and in a gentle manner. You can easily scratch off cork particles by aggressively sweeping. Make sure to clean up any spills right away because cork will absorb water and cause for it to expand and swell up. You need to use mild cleansers when cleaning cork floors, preferably a combination of water and dish washing soap.