The Style for Blind Slats – Vertical Blinds

The new designs in blinds which are good patio door window treatments offer a few variations on the vertical blind slats they come with. You can still purchase the traditional style of blind which are like plantation shutters, which generally comes with a 1 and a half inch slat which is best for your bathroom blinds. You will also see some styles that have the wider 2 inch style and even some with 2 and a half. Vertical blinds are generally used for doorways or very long window areas. These are commonly hung on back patio doors to help reduce the amount of glare that could enter the home which works best with the glass of your window or door with frosted window film. Like black out blinds, it provides privacy and control of light that enters the room.

Why opt for vertical blinds?

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The slats of the blind can be made from a wide assortment of material. You might find you like the natural wood styles, which can include bamboo. This is a nice style to use for a porch area that has full length windows such as a four season’s porch. There are several types that have a fabric material on them. The fabric is glued onto the hard surface of the blind to create a designer look to the piece. This particular type can come in an assortment of patterns, textures and colors for you to pick from.  The blinds can also come as plain plastic with no added material on them. You might want to grab 2 faux wood blinds of different designs.

The concept of the vertical style is to have the slats slightly overlap each other when they are closed. This creates more of a complete light filtration so you are able to shut out the sunlight completely. The amount of light filtration can also be any other point in between being fully open or fully closed. These blinds are attached to a top piece, which will also include a roller or pulley mechanism so you may draw the wooden blinds back if you need to. This is a desirable feature when they are used for a door area because you can easily go in and out when they are pulled back from the opening.

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