The Right Carpet Shampoo For Your Home

Finding the right carpet shampoo for your home can be difficult. Mainly the difficulty lies in the fact that there is probably not one product that will work on all carpeted areas of your home. Different carpet situations call for different carpet shampoo products. Which carpet cleaner you choose depends on many factors including how soon you need to use the carpet again after cleaning, the type of carpet fiber, and how much traffic the carpet sees. All of the carpet cleaner choices out there fall into one of two carpet cleaner categories.

One of the categories of carpet shampoo is dry carpet shampoo. As you might expect, these carpet shampoo products work without the aid or addition of any water or other liquid. You will find dry carpet shampoos that are powders and you will find products that are foams. The way that they work is that you sprinkle on the powder or spray on the foam. You work the particles of the powder or foam into the carpet with a scrub brush and then you wait. The shampoo particles act like a magnet and attract the dirt and any odor causing bacteria in your carpet. Once the offending items are attracted, they are encapsulated by shampoo particles so that they cannot escape. A vacuum cleaner can get rid of everything after you wait about twenty minutes.

You would choose a dry carpet shampoo over the alternatives in several situations. The first situation would be if you did not have access to a carpet cleaning machine. You need a piece of carpet cleaning equipment in order to use the wet carpet shampoos so if you do not have one then the dry carpet cleaner is your only choice. Another situation might be if you were working with a particularly delicate carpet fiber or in an environment that was especially sensitive to moisture. Certain carpets cannot get wet or they will be ruined and you should not introduce water into the car when cleaning car carpets. Therefore, a dry carpet shampoo is sometimes the only option. Finally, you might be forced to use a dry carpet shampoo if you needed to use the room in question within the next few hours. Wet shampoos take too long to dry.

Choosing the best carpet shampoo brand.

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The other class of carpet shampoos is liquid carpet shampoos. Liquid carpet shampoos are concentrated carpet cleaners that need to be diluted with water. You cannot use them without dilution and most homeowners find out that you actually need to dilute them more than what is indicated on the package directions. Too much shampoo in the cleaning solution will mean that you will leave behind soap residue on your carpets. Liquid carpet shampoos are applied with carpet cleaning machines like an Electrolux carpet shampooer which scrubs the carpet at the same time. The dirty water and soap is sucked back into the machine and deposited in a waste water reservoir.

Liquid carpet shampoos are the right carpet shampoo to use in several circumstances. The first such circumstance is when you are cleaning high traffic carpets with tough stains. Wet carpet shampoos can have many different types of stain fighters in them that you just do not have with the dry products because of the way they work. In addition, the way you use a wet carpet shampoo lends itself better to getting out tough stains because the carpet cleaning machine can scrub much better than anyone can by hand. A second circumstance would be when you need to clean a carpet very deeply. Even though you work the dry carpet shampoos into the fibers with a brush, they do not penetrate very deep. If you are cleaning a very plush carpet then you need a carpet cleaner that can penetrate very deep and very far and liquid shampoos can do that.