The Importance Of Correctly Sizing A Futon Mattress

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When looking for a replacement futon mattress, it is important to find one in the correct size. While this does not mean that shoppers must confine themselves to buying mattresses from the same companies that built their futon frames, one should be careful in taking measurements before purchasing. In addition to considering the size of the futon bed, one must take into account the manner in which the mattress will attach to the frame, and how many times the frame folds and the type of support that it offers.

Mattresses that are too large will often hang over the sides of the frame. When a futon is being used as a couch, the excess will extend beyond the frame, causing it to become misshapen and lumpy. In many cases, the mattress filling will begin to collect in these lumps, making it uncomfortable both for sitting as well as for sleeping. Too small mattresses are difficult to complete affix to the frame, so they will require constant adjustment. In addition, allowing the hard edges of the frame to be exposed will cause them to rub against the occupant.

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While most futons pivot around a single point, those frames that feature tri-fold frames or frames that create arms for the couch will require a different type of mattress. If you own a futon with a special frame, it may be in your best interest to buy a replacement mattress that is specifically created for use with your frame. These may be found through the manufacturer’s website, or through online discounters who may offer overstock at a discounted rate.

A futon mattress in the correct size will not only make your futon much more comfortable, but it will also preserve the mattress and it is good for adjustable beds. Mattresses that are firmly affixed to the frame will be less likely to move around, which will keep the padding uniformly distributed and reduce the amount of wear to the cover.

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