The Benefits Of Using Faux Wood Blinds In The Home

There is only one logical reason why people opt for faux wood blinds and that is money. If you disregard all other factors, the best thing about faux wood blinds is that they are relatively cheaper than their counterparts which are the wood blinds. A traditional faux wood blind would cost only $65 or even lower if you can get them on sale. They look like authentic wooden blinds and they even offer the same benefits of real wood.

If you will opt for faux wood blinds you will notice that they offer benefits that you won’t get from real wood blinds. Since they are made from a combination of vinyl and wood, 2 inch faux wood blinds can be placed in areas with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Unlike wooden blinds, faux wood blinds won’t crack, wrap and fade. Wood blinds are prone to molding and if they are constantly exposed to water, you can expect that they will deteriorate in less than a year. Not like faux wood blinds, they are made to be mold and water resistant thus you can be assured that they will last for many years to come.

Faux wood blinds good for the bedroom and living room.

flickr by rkrautbauer

If you have kids or pets at home, it would be best that you choose faux wood blinds as your window coverings. Spending money on real wood blinds would just be a waste if they are constantly exposed or scratches and mishandling. With faux wood blinds, the blinds won’t get scratched and they are very easy to clean.

Before vinyl was never a popular choice as window treatments since they obviously look very cheap. But with the advent of modern technology and innovations, a lot of manufacturers started making faux wood blinds. They have a more aesthetic appeal that is comparable to wooden blinds but are practically cheaper.