The Benefits Of Rolling Your Lawn – Using A Lawn Roller

There is nothing like the look of a large expanse of thick, lush green grass in your yard.  But, the truth is that in order to be able to enjoy that beautiful site, you need to put quite a bit of work into maintaining your lawn.  You cannot simply sprinkle a few seeds, spray some water on it and let it be, assuming it will grow thick and lush.  Instead, you have to do periodic maintenance and attend to it annually with quite a bit of upkeep to keep it looking its best.

If you are committed to having a beautiful lawn full of thick, healthy lush green grass, then one tool you don’t want to be without is a garden lawn roller.  This rather simple contraption is actually just a heavy cylinder that is can roll and is attached to a pole or a support structure that can attach to a lawnmower or other moving vehicle.  Most people don’t think of running out to buy a roller to help them maintain their lawn, but if you understand the benefits of having one, you’ll soon see that it is a tool worth having.

Why is it necessary to have lawn roller?

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One worthwhile use for a roller is to smooth out the lawn before new grass seed is even planted.  Most backyards are rather uneven and if you want your lawn to look great after the grass is planted, it is worth using the roller to move some dirt around and even out the ground before the grass even begins to take root.  Then once you are ready to seed, you can use the roller to gently push the grass seed into the top soil so that there is less chance that it blows away and more chance that it takes root in the dirt.  Then anytime that you find any bumps in the lawn, you can simply use the roller to smooth them out and have your lawn looking great again.

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