The Benefits Of LED Lighting Today

LED lighting has been around us in many different applications for many years but up until recently it has not made much impact on the home lighting market. From electronics like digital watches to security strip lights on airplanes it has slowly transformed. All that is about to change as technology takes a leap forward and people become more aware of the huge benefits that LED lights can provide. What benefits are important to today’s world?

There's a lot of benefits from using LED lighting.

flickr by Energy Smart Industry

Energy saving is a great buzz term today. Everything is called energy saving even if the savings are minimal. With LED light the savings can be huge; it truly is an energy saving technology and can be called green in many ways. On energy saving – LED lights are very efficient, they turn up to 90% of the electricity into light. Other lights such as halogen produce more heat than light and will be about 20% efficient. These efficiency figures are crucial, not only does this save money but it is also much more environmentally friendly to minimize the energy use. For this single reason, LED lighting is going to become even more popular in the near future.

This growth in popularity has started in areas and industries were the cost savings can be quickly realized. For example in the horticulture business LED grow lights have become very popular – significant savings can be made very quickly. Growth of LED technology is also popular with outdoor garden lighting and combined with solar lighting looks set to dominate this market.

There are probably two main downsides to LED lighting at the present time. The lights themselves are still relatively expensive – as with all developing technology this is normal and with growth the prices will come down. The other problem relates to the technology side itself – the light produced is not suitable for all lighting applications at the present time. LED light is still a work in progress for home lighting but with the benefits it enjoys it is only a matter of time.