The Antique Kitchen Island

The kitchen is commonly the most important area of the home. This is the place where families spend quality time, and a place to sneak into to grab some dessert. Because the kitchen is the focal point, it can become congested during meal preparations. This is why so many families are upgrading and incorporating a kitchen island to increase their counter space. One particular style that is popular is the antique kitchen island. This allows folks more elbow room for preparing meals. Islands are stylish, and many of them come with an area to park several kitchen stools where others can gather while the food is being prepared.

The antique kitchen island not only provides additional work space, it also adds additional cabinets to the kitchen. This is especially beneficial when the area lacks cabinets. The result is less clutter on the countertops and more storage room for kitchenware.

There are a lot of reasons to choose an antique kitchen island.

flickr by Andrew Cuvée

Kitchen islands can be found in many different styles and shapes. They look smart in the traditional style with their classic designs. The antique kitchen island conforms to many furnishings that are made from wood and can be purchased to match the various stains of dining and breakfast tables. There are also many kitchen islands that are beautiful in the modern design. They can be ordered in many different materials like marble and granite. The retro style kitchen island, with its bright countertops, has become more accepted over the past few years. Many decorators love to dress them with the colors of the fifties and sixties. There is also plenty of stainless steel that is reminiscent of this mid-century style.

These islands can also be purchased with sinks and garbage disposals, and therefore, it is recommended to have the units installed professionally. Alternatively, those that are not hooked to electric and plumbing, like some of the antique island style units, can be set up by a homeowner. Also, many of these islands come on wheels and require no installation.