The Amazing Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner

All of us have used a vacuum cleaner, and most of us have had to replace several vacuum cleaners as our lives have gone on.  Most upright vacuums are poorly made and have less effective cleaning technology than the vacuum cleaners of old.  Remember the Rainbow vacuum cleaner?  Chances are you do, and the main reason for this is because they seem to last longer and do a good job.  Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners are definitely in a league of their own and are known for great results and long lasting equipment, much like Honda and Toyota in the automobile business.  All rainbow vacuum cleaners are great, but the one model that really stands out is the rainbow vacuum cleaner model e.

What makes the rainbow vacuum cleaner model e so much different than the other rainbows out there?  Unlike Dyson vacuum cleaners, the rainbow vacuum cleaner model is like a super sized regular Rainbow Vacuum cleaner.  The Model E has more power than the original models of vacuums which gives it better suction power to remove caked dirt within carpets and do an overall better job of removing dirt on any surface.

The design and colors have also been modified on the Model E to make the newer Rainbow vacuum more stylish.  A wheel dolly has also been added which can be locked into place to prevent the dolly from being disconnected from the cleaning unit.  Hepa filtration is another feature that has been added to this model as well as a safety switch for emergency power shut off.

When shopping for a rainbow vacuum cleaner.

flickr by trekkyandy

How much more is the rainbow vacuum cleaner model e?  The answer may surprise you as the price has stayed within $100 dollars of its initial start price for the last six years.  This is quite rare and really shows the quality and validity of the Rainbow brand and the products they produce.  These types of cleaners can be purchased at most vacuum machine vendors as well as some department stores such as Sears.  This vacuum is a must buy for anyone that is sick of replacing their vacuum every year and is sick of dealing with gross vacuum bags and filtered dirt traps.

The convenience of simple filling and dumping the glass water reservoir is a definite plus and is the main reason the rainbow is the most sought after vacuum today.  Easy clean up and operation is what people want, and the rainbow vacuum has a long track record of satisfying customers as well as accomplishing excellent cleaning power and results.