The ABC Of Transforming Your Bedroom Into A Classy Hotel Boudoir

Have you ever come home from a long day at work and wished that you could have that feeling of stepping into a hotel bedroom? Folding back the clean crisp sheets and snuggling up under a luxuriously soft duvet whilst turning off the everyday interruptions of life whilst turning on the plasma screen TV in front of the bed. There is something about a classy hotel room that can whisk you away from your reality. In the current economic climate the hefty price tag attached to stylish hotels mean such escapism seems like an unreachable dream. However using these few tricks you too will be able to enjoy the feeling of stepping into a chic hotel room within your own home. Open up the door of your bedroom and step into another world. Shut the door behind you on all of your daily stresses.


One of the most important things about staying in a hotel is the fact that every whim is catered for with a useful and luxurious accessory. There are miniature toiletries, thick warm dressing gowns, soft slippers and a mini bar crammed full of drinks and snacks that just do not seem as sinful when in miniature. If you want to recreate the perfect hotel experience in your own home sit down and think about which of these accessories excites you the most when you are staying at a hotel. Invest in a miniature fridge which can be disguised as a cabinet in your bedroom. Perhaps buy a dressing gown with matching slippers that is specifically for those days when you need to feel pampered. You can even buy a hotel styled telephone alarm clock which will provide you with a friendly wake-up call in the morning. Every whim can be catered for with just a little online research. Remember the more luxurious the accessory the more realistic the hotel experience.

Making a classy bedroom.

flickr by New Inspiration Home Design


The central feature of any classy hotel room is the bed – the bigger the better. Think King Size with the most comfortable mattress you can find within your budget. Choose luxurious fabrics for the bedding and the best pillows your budget can afford. Lavish fabrics which are soft to the touch give the utmost in pampering. Textures are of the utmost importance when choosing bedding for your boudoir.
Now for the hard part: Unless your budget allows for maid service you will have to be responsible for making the bed. There is something about stepping into a hotel bed that is so much more appealing than climbing into crumpled sheets or an unmade bed. In order to get this feeling you are going to have to learn how to make the bed properly, and dedicate 5 minutes of each morning, to doing so.

How to make a bed like a classy hotel –

1. Remove all the sheets and blankets. Starting afresh is a must.

2. Lay the bottom fitted sheet on the bed.

3. Lay the flat sheet out on the bed.

4. Make ‘hospital corners’ by ensuring that equal amounts of the flat sheet hang off each side of the bed. Tuck the foot edge under the mattress from corner to corner and smooth out the sheet.

5. Tuck the hanging edge tightly in at a 45 degree angle as if you are wrapping a present. Repeat with the other corner. Fold the sheet back at the top of the bed.

6. Tuck and smooth out the flat sheet.

Making your own bed does take some of the escapism away from your perfect boudoir bedroom however spending five minutes every morning will be minimal compared to the feeling of stepping into a perfectly made bed. If it seems like too much work maybe you can bargain with your partner that they make the bed and you draw a bath for them in the evening.

To complete the hotel feel buy a comforter for sleeping and a decorative cover to place at the foot of the bed. This adds texture and depth to the bed. Also make sure to puff up the pillows for maximum comfort. You can even add a little chocolate on your pillow to greet you when you climb back into bed later that night.


Hotel rooms are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and therefore creativity is of the utmost importance. Hotel designers focus on developing a color palette and theme which fits with the hotel. This bedroom should be a sanctuary to which you want to escape at the end of the day. Choose colors that remind you of the most luxurious hotels you have ever stayed in. If you want your hotel experience to be relaxing choose neutral tones.

If you prefer a more dramatic statement suite choose more vibrant colors and perhaps create a matching feature wall or invest in a faux fur rug so that even your feet feel as if they have stepped into a new and luxurious world. Hotel rooms are also areas which serve a multitude of purpose and their design incorporates this by dividing different areas of the room for different purposes such as sleeping or grooming. Hotel designers need to take everyone’s interests into account. The wonderful thing about designing your own bedroom is that you only have to cater for your own needs.