The “Four Rs” Of Revitalizing Your Old Furniture

Is your furniture in need of a new lease of life, has it become dated and washed out looking. Rather than breaking the bank and investing in brand new furniture follow these steps on how you can rejuvenate your furniture and save your bank balance. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder and often your furniture can be every bit as attractive as new furniture with just the right amount of tweaking.


Rearranging your furniture is the quickest and most cost-effective way to update your room. Often people do not know the best way to arrange furniture and therefore the result can look dreary. It is irrelevant how expensive a piece of furniture is if it is poorly positioned inside a room. Before re-arranging sketch a plan of the space and visualize how you would like the furniture to be positioned. Bear in mind that a room should be well-balanced.

Do not place all of the larger darker pieces of furniture to one side. A clever trick to arranging a room is to choose a focal point such as a window or a fireplace and build the furniture around it. Use the lighting within a room to bring out any furniture that needs a new lease of life. An old dark armchair can be completely transformed with a tall floor lamp placed beside it. Alternatively by removing one piece of furniture it is possible to change the whole layout of a room and its contents. Often rooms can become cluttered over time. Take a minimalist approach and you can change the overall effect of the remaining pieces. Often clever re-arranging can completely alter the appearance of a room and the furniture within it.


Restoration is the process of returning something to its previous unimpaired condition. In the restoration of furniture this clearly depends on the type of furniture and the extent to which it has been damaged. Some pieces will be beyond salvaging and the most cost-effective thing will be to discard them. Other pieces may simply need some TLC to repair small breakages and cracks. It is also possible to buy products to clean and polish your pieces back to their former glory. This is especially true for wood. Be wary however that you buy the correct product for the finish of wood that you are dealing with. A general rule of thumb is if in doubt ask a professional. This is especially true if a piece has some sentimental value. Incorrect cleaning could destroy the finish of wood.


You should never under-estimate how much difference a new coat of paint can make to a piece of furniture. Tables and chairs can be repainted in brighter colours giving them a completely new polished appearance. It is also possible that repainting a room in more neutral colours can maximize the natural light within the room and therefore add new life to the furniture within the room.

Know tips to take care of your furniture.

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Fabric can fade away and become stained and therefore appear lacklustre, especially such pieces as armchairs. With constant advertisements for new furniture on the television it can seem too tempting to throw out the old and bring in the new. However this is not your only option. Re-upholstering is a quick and relatively easy way to jazz up your old furniture with some new fabrics and colours. Older furniture is often of a better quality than newer pieces and it can be a waste to throw out a perfectly good piece just because the fabric is faded. Instead take a trip to your nearest haberdashery and browse through the wide selections of fabrics, colours and textures on offer. Then with just a little know how you can teach yourself to reupholster using online how to articles. If this seems beyond your capabilities then you can always cheat and buy furniture slip covers or even buy some new bright textured cushions to bring to life that dark and faded armchair.

Maximize your furniture with the Four Rs to give them a new lease of life and save your bank balance.