Taking Care Of Your Granite Countertop

One of the most common materials used for countertops is granite, as it is both highly durable and attractive. In fact, granite is typically chosen instead of marble, as it offers a harder and more durable surface. There are a few disadvantages of granite countertops such as the amount of maintenance it requires and the cost. However, with the proper care, a granite tile kitchen counter can be an attractive and useful furniture piece for your house.

Using granite material for the kitchen worktop areas is becoming increasing popular, as this material is naturally heat resistant and prevents scorch marks that often ruin other types of materials. Also, it is resistant to acids like coffee, orange juice and alcohol. Granite is a sanitary material, which means it does not encourage bacteria growth. Since granite is very solid, the risk of scratches and other blemishes are significantly reduced.

A granite countertop is wise to use.

flickr by granite-charlotte

Granite is composed of tightly packed and large crystals, which gives it a crystalline appearance. You can find naturally colored granite in red, brown, green and other darker colors. This variety of colors is ideal, as you can easily find a color that compliments the overall motif of your kitchen.

However, granite is a porous stone, which means in order to prevent stains from seeping in, you must regularly reseal the material. Also, if you do damage to the stone, replacing it can be extremely difficult, as it is hard to match the pattern of the new section to the rest of the countertop. Another drawback is the cost, as usually a granite kitchen counter is more expensive then a marble one.

Since granite is highly resistant to both damage and heat, it is considered to be more durable then marble. The mottled appearance of this material is perfect for hiding stains. Also, granite counters comes in a variety of colors which make it easy for you to choose a color that matches your kitchen’s decor. Granite tile countertops may be a more practical choice for you, as granite tiles creates a unique and attractive look. In addition, tiles are more easily replaced.