Nine Home Appliances You Cannot Live Without

Would you be able to list every single home appliance that your family owns without forgetting at least one? In today’s appliance oriented society every room is filled with a range of home appliances that have been marketed as being necessary to the full enjoyment of life. However how many of them are actually necessary on a daily basis? How many of them could we quite literally not live without?

It could be argued that we can live without any household appliances, after all our ancestors did. However we cannot argue with progress and the extent to which our day-to-day needs have been changed because of it. After all if there was no such thing as a cooker, a washing machine or a refrigerator could women really have gone out to work as easily and their full emancipation been achieved. Appliances are indeed now central to our enjoyment of life and this list gives the top ten home appliances you simply should not live without:

Know the must have home appliances.

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1. Oven

An oven is without doubt one of the most crucial home appliances. If we did not have an oven we would still have to cook over a fireplace which is both dangerous and a lot more time-consuming! An oven can boil water and cook or bake anything we need. Ovens come in all shapes and sizes, gas or electric, depending on individual culinary capabilities. No matter what your needs there is something out there to suit you.

2. Refrigerator/ Freezer

Before there were refrigerators ice houses would be located in the foothills of mountains. It has long been understood that refrigeration is an essential part of food storage. Now we no longer need to hike up a hill to get ice to store our meat and dairy – with the aid of a refrigerator and freezer you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Refrigeration appliances have made food storage so much more cost-effective for the average household. They have reduced the amount of food wastage as now it can be refrigerated and used the next day. You just need to look on the storage instructions of many food products to know how important refrigeration is within the home. Choose a freezer with a built-in ice-maker for absolute luxury.

3. Food Processor

Having a food processor is a must for every chef no matter how professional or amateur they are. It is essentially like having a sous-chef as it takes care of so much of the preparation work for. Food processors can chop, slice grate and blend. Every kitchen should have one. With such a wide variety of sizes there is one for every single kitchen whether the size of a shoebox or big enough to rival Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen.

4. Washing Machine and Dryer

Before there were washing machines and dryers there were women: tired and overworked women with hands red raw from being exposed to harsh laundry products for hours at a time. The advent of washing machines, as well as other home appliances, has freed women by reducing the amount of time necessary for household chores. No home is complete without a washing machine and dryer. If space does not allow for these appliances then make sure a launderette is close by to keep you sane.

5. Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you prefer a Dyson or a Hoover the fact remains that the vacuum cleaner is a necessity for a clean and dust-free household. It means you can have a pet, clean out the fire and eat that crumbly chocolate cake whilst sitting in the living room. Then all you have to do is spend a few minutes vacuuming and all traces are gone. If you do not think a vacuum cleaner is not a necessary household appliance then take a look inside your hoover bag. You will be amazed at how much dust and dirt accumulates in a very small space of time.

6. Hand Blender

So you may wonder why you need a hand blender when you already have a food processor and the answer is pure convenience. If you just want to quickly blend a soup or make a smoothie a hand-held blender does the job without the need for extra dishes and more importantly without the extra washing-up. This versatile and space-saving appliance is a must for every kitchen.

7. Microwave

Microwaves are a modern day convenience it would be hard to live without. What a timesaver for the kitchen. Using your microwave you can easily reheat left over pizza or defrost a piece of meat at the touch of a button. Coming home from work at the end of a long day is much easier when you know that you have a microwave to simplify the cooking process and also to make that microwave popcorn so you can sit down in front of your home entertainment system and watch a movie with surround- sound cinema style visuals.

8. Coffee Maker

Waking up to the smell of brewing coffee is an instant pick-me-up. Ok so technically coffee is not a household necessity. However if you stop to consider the cost of buying a take-away cappuccino you will soon realize that getting your coffee fix at home is the best move for your household budget. With machines coming in all shapes and sizes from a one-cup cafetiere to larger espresso machines there is a coffee machine out there for every household and every budget.

9. Rice Cooker

A rice cooker may seem like an odd addition to a list of top ten home appliances. A cooker dedicated to the preparation of one type of food is surely unnecessary when you already have a stove. Yet a rice cooker is without doubt one of the most versatile appliances on the market. Not only can it cook rice it can also prepare risottos, soups, stews and often incorporates a rack for steaming vegetables at the same time as cooking rice. It is essentially a one-pot multi-tasking cooking aid. For the best results look for a rice cooker with a good non-stick surface and then simply place in the ingredients and turn it on. A treat for the laziest of chefs!

Buying home appliances can be a daunting task with so many on the market. Before you buy do some research and identify your needs. An ice-cream maker is a fun idea but in reality how often will you use it. Take into account your needs, how much space you have and also your budget before you hit the shops.