The Best Ways To Use A Standing Coat Rack

A standing coat rack can be a very functional piece of furniture to some people and more of a design statement for others. Back in the days when homes did not have many closets, standing coat racks were almost a necessity. If you are living in an older home or a small apartment, you may have the same type of need for a spot to hang coats, especially in the cooler months when the pile of coats in daily use can really add up.

For coat storage, the best places to put a standing coat rack are usually near the door(s) that are used most often. Of course, you will want to keep the coat rack out of the general walk way and take special precautions if there are children or pets around. In some cases the coat rack stand can fit nicely into a corner or even behind a door so it is out of the way.

The advantages of having a standing coat rack at home.

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On the other hand, if you are getting a standing coat rack because it is an attractive accent piece of furniture, by all means make sure that it is given a prominent spot in your entry way or foyer. Sometimes grouping a charming coat stand with a table and a mirror can turn a dull entry way into an interesting room. And there are many standing coat racks available at furniture stores, home decor shops and online retailers for you to choose from.

Other great ways to use a standing coat rack are in the kitchen, bathroom and in a teenagers room. A contemporary style coat stand would be a great place to hang kitchen towels, aprons etc to keep a busy cook organized. A perfect area to place this is near your free standing electric cookers or your free standing gas cookers for easy reach of the towels and kitchen gloves. How about a polished chrome standing coat rack in the bathroom for towels and bathrobes? And what teenagers room wouldn’t benefit from a coat stand to get a few articles of clothing off the floor and the furniture without having to use a hanger?

So the next time you see a beautiful standing coat rack at a shop or even and old wooden one at a yard sale, keep in mind all of these great ways to use them to organize and add some charm to a room at the same time.

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