Tips For Deciding On The Best Patio Door Lock

If you are having difficulty deciding on the best patio door locks, there are a few key issues you should consider to help you make to right choice.  Many people want to reinforce sliding glass entry points, as the locking devices that come with the products are not necessarily the strongest or safest.

There are several different kinds of products that you can install.  The first is a locking bar, which fits between the frame and the door that opens. Same thing is to consider for your fireplace door and plantation shutters. The right product will prevent intrusion if used properly.  However, some doors can be lifted up off their tracks, so you may want to look for locking bars that can also prevent this from happening as well.  A good bar can withstand up to several hundred pounds of pressure.

Other options for a patio sliding door lock include locking clamps that are installed at both the top and bottom of the door.  They can come with or without keys.  If the keyed version is used, make sure that the key is hung out of view but close to the door in the event of an emergency, as the patio door is one of the best exits to use.

There are different brands of a patio door lock, shop for the best one.

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Some people prefer to use sliding patio door locks that can be operated with the foot.  This is convenient and there are no worries about keys.  One of the greatest advantages in using these types of doors locks is that they can be viewed from the outside. With your frosted window film, patio door window treatments and patio covers, This can act as a great deterrent to thieves, who generally will not attempt to gain entry if they think the job will be too difficult.

All options are relatively inexpensive, so cost should not be a factor in deciding on the best patio lock to install in your home.  It should depend upon use of the patio door and which option makes the most sense in your specific situation. Some great advice on these and other locks can be found at Keep Safe At Home.

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