Stair Handrail Installation

Handrail Installation is an easy task compared to the staircase installation and believe me the process involved is quite easy, and with a step by step approach it can be done within an hour’s time. Railing can be put directly onto the wall if the stair treads are a closed one and if not than on one side of it would be the normal wall railing and on the other a baluster design railing.

Railing with the baluster is very easy to install, in that case all you have to do is fix the baluster step by step into the positions marked on each and every tread. The marking have to be done at the centre of the tread depth and in a straight line going from the first step to the top of the staircase. Balusters have to be fixed on the spot, and this should be done with high accuracy. You can move ahead in the process of actually fixing the handrail on the top on the balusters. It is just a two step approach of fixing the wood panel on the top and screwing it from the bottom and it is ready to use.

Installing the right stair handrail.

flickr by Apex Carpentry

The handrail meant to be installed on the wall side requires little bit of marking and reference points, as the railing will directly go into the wall with no baluster below to guide the way. Railing length should be always more than the modular stairs and should be of the same wood type as the rest of your staircase is. In case of prefabricated exterior stairs it is much easy to fix the railing, the material has to be assembled at site and has to be welded at some key points only if it is a wrought iron staircase.

The handrail fixed should be strong enough to handle the daily load for years and it should not loose the luster that is famous for.

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