Six Wood Valance Ideas To Decorate Your Windows

Has a wood valance ever featured in your window decorating plans? Well, if you aren’t too familiar with window valances in the first place, they are primarily a form of window treatment which is designed to conceal the upper areas of windows. The options include hanging models; mounted, stand-alone models, and those which can be used along with window blinds and drapes. Often, valances are preferred because they keep unsightly curtain hardware hidden. So, if you are bored with the same old look of your existing window dressing, set your sights on wood window valances. They can instantly and dramatically transform the appearance and dimensions of a room, accentuate décor, and introduce a variety of new, vibrant colors, too. Here are 6 attractive choices to consider.

Shaped Wood Valance: This is a versatile alternative as it works well in rooms that are both casual and formal in style. Shaped valances add an element of elegance and class to rooms. Depending on the room’s décor, you may pair them with either elaborate or plain drapery styles.

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Scalloped Wood Valance: This valance can totally change the visually perceived dimensions of a room. The unique scallop-shaped designs add a touch of sophistication to a room; combine perfectly with country-styled window treatments, and significantly accentuate the look of formal dining rooms.

Gingerbread Valance: Another great window dressing option, best suited for Victorian-styled homes and country cottages. It’s natural wood color and texture perfectly complements other pieces of wooden furniture in a room, besides accentuating its décor.

Arched Wood Valance: If you are looking for a good fit for drapes made with thicker, heavier fabric, especially those which possess rich colors and textures, this is it. Owing to its elegant and architecturally-appealing design, this valance is recommended for old homes, although they breathe an element of creativity into new homes, too.

Carved Wood Valance: There are no limits to what these wood valances can achieve. Their intricately-carved patterns bring style and sophistication to windows, irrespective of which pattern you may chose. What’s more you can make wood window valances the center of attraction in a room because they go well with drapes of any length or depth. Try matching carved decorative valances with drapes of sheer fabric, velvet curtains, or even with layered panels.

Shelf Valance: This type of valance brings exclusive flair and functionality to rooms, as they add a bold and completely new look and dimension to a room. The unique functional design of a shelf valance allows you to display decorative items and novelties, or keep them safe and out of reach of little children. Finally, when it’s time to redecorate your windows, put wood valances at the top of your shopping list.