Should You Get A Cheap Waterbed Heater?

There is no one answer to this question because the answer depends on where the bed is used and what the bed user’s needs are. For the majority of waterbed users the answer will be yes, and often you will find waterbeds for sale with heaters included although in some cases mattresses come without heaters. If you reside in an area with a hot climate you don’t need one, and if your waterbed doesn’t use much water you probably don’t need one either.

Water in waterbeds will heat up or cool down to match the area surrounding them. Therefore, if you are living in a cold climate your bed is likely to get very cold unless you keep your bedroom heated constantly. For the great majority of people, sleeping in a cold bed is not acceptable. A warm bed is much more comfortable to sleep in, and also soothes sore muscles and improves your circulation. To keep the water in your bed warm, it makes sense to spend some money on a cheap waterbed heater. In the long run it costs you less than it does to keep the whole room constantly heated, which best goes along with your black out blinds. For sure you will get a better night’s sleep.

The type of heater you buy depends mostly on whether you have a hardside or soft side waterbed. Heaters for  hardside waterbeds are cheaper in terms of initial cost, but they tend to be more costly to use because they use more electricity. There are more energy efficient models available which cost less to use, but the tradeoff is a higher initial cost. The heaters made for beds with soft sides are typically more expensive, but on the other hand they use less electricity and thus cost you less over time. Providing yourself with the heater is as economical as buying country home decor which for some is a must-have.

Putting waterbed heater would consider many factors.

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How powerful your heater needs to be depends mostly on how much water your bed uses. The amount of water in shallow fill beds is small enough that your body heat will heat up the water fairly quickly, so you can probably do without a heater. If the bed has a mid fill bladder, normally half a foot deep, you can get by with a heater that doesn’t require much wattage, while in the case of a deep fill bladder a more powerful heater is needed.

A water bed heater functions in much the same way as an electric blanket does. The heater contains coils that heat up when electricity passes through them. You place your heater underneath the mattress instead of on top as with an electric blanket. The amount of money you spend to buy and use one is really not much at all when you consider how much your sleeping experience will improve.

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