Shade Cloth Fabric & Garden Netting Allows Additional Shade Protection

As the summer heat begins to bear down on your garden, you may find yourself in the regrettable position of losing plants to the scorching heat. This is the time when your tools and equipments like garden carts, garden urns, shovels, rakes, etc. are used the most. Granted, some plants thrive in the summer sun, but others prefer partial shade or cooler temperatures. For those in inhospitable desert climates, the summer sun can cause havoc on your garden. Wilted or bitter leaves, low production, scorched branches, and a number of other maladies are commonly cause by overexposure to the heat coming from garden spot lights and sun. Rather than relegate yourself to not having a successful summer garden in the heat, you can implement a plan of action. One of the best combatants to the sun is garden shade netting.

The benefits of using garden netting.

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For some reason, garden netting causes fear in the heart of many casual gardeners, although it shouldn’t. It is really quite simple to implement into your home garden. One of the easiest ways to implement garden shade netting into your personal garden is if you already have trellis supports in place. Any combination of vertical gardening, box gardening, or other systematize grid system can allow for netting to be used effectively.

When you design your garden, design with the sun in mind. Place sun loving vertical plants on the full sun side of your garden and boxes. As the plant grows, it provides a natural layer of protection to your other plants. Couple this with shade cloth fabric draped over the trellis as well and your plants will have a good portion of the sunshine filtered.

Filtering with the shade cloth is a great way to provide a level of shade to your more sensitive plants as well as lowers the temperature below the cloth as well. If you do not have a trellis system in place, many cloth fabrics are light enough to simply drape over your plants. The only possible downside is that his format shades your plants for the entire day.

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