Saving Space Through Bedroom Decor

If you rent a home or apartment or simply don’t have a large renovating budget, it is not possible to actually make your bedroom larger. However, the way that you furnish and decorate it can make a big difference in how your perceive the space. It might not be larger literally, but it will feel much more open and airy if you use the right techniques.

Although there are many great room decorating ideas that you can implement, the best place to start is to eliminate all clutter from your bedroom. You should spend some time going through all of your belongings and making a pile of things you no longer need to give to charity. Since space is at a premium, you can’t afford to waste it on anything that you don’t really love or use. This applies to clothing, personal belongings and even decorative accessories. Do you really need to clutter the top of your dresser with old perfume bottles or picture frames?

Next, utilize vertical surfaces to store your belongings and add decorative touches. Paint your walls a light color so that they reflect plenty of light and open up the space. Then install vertical shelving, and organize and display items along this surface. Hang pictures and photographs to add a personal touch.

Finally, evaluate the furniture in your bedroom and the way it is arranged. Perhaps you don’t actually need two nightstands, and you can do with a single chest while eliminating that bulky dresser. You probably don’t need a queen or king sized bed that takes up most of the space. Instead, opt for a twin over full bunk bed, in which you can sleep comfortably but still easily host guests. You might also consider purchasing a futon, so your bedroom can double as a second living room or office during the day. Good design is all about versatility.