Reviews Of Various Styles Of Patio String Light

Patio string lights are some of the most elegant and beautiful styles of exterior lighting for any household or patio. One of the best things about these lights if summed up into a word is flexibility; flexibility in different styles available for purchase and flexibility in design with these lights. Regardless of the current design and style of your house and outdoors there is a fantastic style of patio string lights available for your household and with various designs schemes and ways that you can place these lights in your yard you can create your very own unique and beautiful artistic creation, giving your outdoor area beauty for years to come. I have created this article in order to give you a various ideas for placement and the pros and cons of different styles of patio string lights before you purchase.

Patio string light gives a different mood in your patio.

flickr by Eric E Johnson

Out of all available patio string lights on the market, paper lantern lights have quickly become some of the most popular varieties of string light available. These lights are an elegant way to spice up nearly any back yard or patio area, their surface of illumination is large and can be placed just about anywhere. I have seen these lights successfully placed hanging from trees, roofs and patios for a great effect. The downsides of these lights is that they can be quite fragile and sensitive to wind, so it can be hard to keep these in perfect condition for too long. However, these lights are very stylish and can be a great addition to nearly any yard.

Another style of outdoor string lights that is coming onto the scene is solar patio string lights. These lights are available in a vast variety of styles, from lantern models to a variety of unique and stylish other styles. These lights are typically bulkier and more expensive, however, after purchase of these lights you will never have to pay for their electricity again.