Repair Damaged Ceramic Canisters Easily

Ceramic canisters come in a diverse variety of styles and design options to beautifully decorate a home.  However, because of the delicate nature of ceramic kitchen canisters and other canister sets, they can be very easily broken or chipped.  You can use the following tips to repair them if this has happened.

Ceramic canisters are very delicate and can easily be broken.

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Your first step is a stop at the local hardware store to buy epoxy putty and filler, fine and medium grade sandpapers, and acrylic paints in basic colors and paint brushes.  Repairs will also require a protective material, such as newspaper and a paper plate to mix the paint and putty.

Secondly, evaluate the damage that has been done to the canister.  If the crack is a simple one, clean the area and ensure that it is dry, then apply the filler to create a seal.  This seal will need to dry completely for a few hours before painting the canister.

If, however, the damage is more serious, such as a chip or break, clean the area and dry completely, then mix an appropriate amount of putty to fit your needs.  Begin by gluing the largest pieces together, and work your way towards the smaller.  Apply the epoxy to the edges of the pieces and the canister itself, carefully piecing them together.  Allow this to dry for at least a 24 hour period.

When all has dried, smooth the rough edges created by leftover glue.  Use a small piece of sandpaper, beginning with the medium grade and substitute the fine grade as needed.

Painting may then begin.  You will need to mix the paint together to match the exact color of the canister, and then slowly paint to ensure proper blending.  Allow it to completely dry before you use the canister.

Kitchen canisters and other ceramic canisters should be easily repaired in this way, but if the damage is more serious, a professional repair service may be used.