Rain Shower Shower Heads

Introducing a touch of luxury into your bathroom can actually be a lot easier than you think, thanks to rain shower heads. Once the preserve of health spas and high end hotels, these shower heads are now readily available to everyone, in both fixed and hand held styles, and with price ranges to suit all budgets. You can now have a true touch of luxury when it comes to your daily shower, with minimal fuss and effort involved in installing it.

The unique waterflow that is offered by rainshower shower heads creates the wonderful sensation of being caught in a warm downpour of rain, which is a truly refreshing experience. Being caught in an unexpected cloud burst can at times be a wonderful experience, although more often than not it is spoiled by the fact that the water is cold and you are fully dressed, neither of which goes towards an enjoyable experience. However rain shower heads have enabled you to truly enjoy the sensation of torrential rain in the comfort and warmth of your own shower. This style of shower head comes in both fixed and hand held, so if you don’t want to change your existing fittings, you can just choose from the range that suits the fittings you have. However a lot of people actually choose to upgrade to a fixed shower head when updating their bathrooms, especially if they have a rain shower shower head in mind as you will find there is a much greater range available.

Using rain shower shower heads is great for your bathroom.

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This is because of the greater amount of size and weight you can have with a fixed shower head, and when it comes to rainfall style water flows, the bigger the surface area the better. A great example would be a 20 inch square shower head, that offers a wonderful rainfall water flow. You would not be able to get this style as a hand held due to it’s size and heaviness. Generally speaking there is no special installation necessary with these kinds of shower roses, however if you are opting for a very large style, you may find that you need an additional water inlet, and maybe even two or more fixings to ensure your rose stays securely attached to the ceiling. Rain shower shower heads are a fantastic addition to any bathroom, and once you have yours in place, you may well wonder why you took so long to get one.