PVC Rain Gutters: A Practical Guttering Option

When it is about time that you do replacement guttering because you noticed that your gutters are damaged, malfunctioning and flooding your home, PVC rain gutters are the best practical choice for guttering. PVC gutter is the most widely used guttering nowadays and its popularity is still increasing because of its durability and affordability. In addition, this type of guttering offers many benefits than those gutters made of aluminum and iron sheets.

Learn the important things when installing PVC rain gutters.

flickr by RainWaterSystems

PVC gutters are strong and durable. PVC is made from molded plastic so it is light – weight yet still a strong alternative to metal gutters. This plastic guttering is durable enough to withstand heavy rains, snow, strong winds and other harsh weather conditions. It is water resistant making it more resistant to rusting, freezing and corrosion which usually happen with the metal gutters. What makes it more durable is its flexibility. Unlike the metal gutters, plastic gutters like PVC will not lose its shape over time. It will not bow, bend, dent or twist so you don not have to worry about visible deformities which usually occur in metal gutters and is not pleasing to look at. PVC could also be adapted to your home’s exterior paint as it usually comes in different colors and shapes. You could actually choose a shape of a gutter making it unrecognizable as one and making it appear as a part of your home decorative feature.

Above all, PVC gutters are also affordable and very easy to install that you wouldn’t need to hire a professional to do the installation. A handy helper will do or you can even do the installation yourself. However if you want to hire somebody to do the job, the cost of gutters will be $3 to $5 per lineal foot costing you $360 to $600 for an average home with 120 feet of gutters. If you are going to do the installation yourself, it may just cost you $50 – $100 for the materials minus the installation expenses. If you decide on the do it yourself installation in order to save some money, be sure that you have all the materials needed for the installation and you know what you are doing to avoid mistakes which will cost you more if it wear sooner.