Protect Your Garage Floor – Garage Floor Sealer & Garage Floor Sealant

Most areas in the garage are thought to be safe and all are secured with concrete anchor bolts. Even garage floors are made out of basic flat concrete and left unfinished and bare, since people who have them often assume that concrete is strong enough and durable enough to withstand any force, spill, or intrusion.  Unfortunately, however, that is not the case.  In order to properly safeguard against destruction and damage, a proper garage floor sealant really should be applied in order to get the most life out of your floor.  This is particularly important because repairing a damaged concrete floor is far more difficult, and much more expensive, than applying a far simpler sealer in the first place.

One reason that garage floor sealant ought to be applied is that even small amounts of water can greatly damage concrete.  If, for instance, water manages to permeate the concrete floor, the water can freeze in cold climates and crack the concrete slab with its expansion, either just on the surface or possibly through its entire thickness.  It doesn’t seem possible but even a less than a cup of water can crack a floor if it finds a fissure in the surface and then freezes.  Ice is actually a very powerful force when it changes its physical state. But before you could do these, it is better to clean the garage and putting your car outside under you carport canopy instead.

Choose a good brand of garage floor sealer.

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In order to seal the floor, there are a few common methods that one should consider.  One way to seal a concrete garage floor is by using a film former which covers the surface of the floor with a thin film that both protects the concrete by sealing it, and fills in small irregularities so that water will not be able to subsequently exploit it.  This kind of garage floor sealer comes in a variety of forms, such as an epoxy based coating which rolls on like paint.  This kind of sealant needs to be reapplied every couple of years, and needs to be waxed every six months if applied indoors.

Another type of concrete sealer penetrates the floor instead of coating it.  These type of sealers actually penetrate into the slab a few millimeters, sealing it through to that distance, and require little to no further maintenance.

Both of these sealants are relatively cheap and far easier than replacing a cracked floor a few years in the future.  Whichever type of sealant you choose, know that you have done good work to protect your concrete floor and saved yourself many future, difficult repairs.

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