Prepare Your Home For A Quick Sell

Selling your house can be an exhausting process, add to it the fact that the economy is down, values have plummeted and there just aren’t that many buyers and you have a recipe for a big headache.  There are several ways to go about preparing your house, some add a lot of cost and others just add time.  Both are important, but you need to manage your time, efforts and money to leverage it for the best possible outcome in the shortest period of time.  You can choose to go with a professional home stager or you can read up and do much of it yourself, here are just a few ideas that will allow you to do it inexpensively and quickly.

Selling your home needs preparation.

flickr by Michael Surtees

First, if you can get away from painting do it.  However, if the house needs a good exterior paint job you need to do it and don’t put it off.  You can do it yourself, but make sure you know what you’re doing.  The same thing goes for the interior, paint if you need to.  The first thing people notice when they pull up to your home is the paint, the second is the landscape.  Truth is, they probably notice them both at the same time!  So make sure you take the time to mow, edge, weed and plant a few colorful flowers or bushes to spruce the place up.

I mentioned the interior paint, that’s important but not as important as the exterior paint.  The first thing people see when they come into your home is clutter or hopefully the lack of clutter.  They’re not buying your home; they’re buying your house.  So take any extra furniture, papers, boxes, etc. and store it off-site.  Get a storage unit and remove as much excess material as you can.  At least for the short time until you move, become a minimalist.

Just remember clean and pristine, that’s what’s going to interest a potential buyer.  Anything else is going to be an immediate turnoff.  Most people decide whether they are interested in your home before they ever walk in the door.