Premium Quality Crystal Black Chandelier Light Fixtures

A black chandelier or any other chandelier with crystal finish can be one of the most modern and classic lighting choices for your new home.

If you have a huge home a normal crystal chandelier will not suffice the decor. There are some unique pieces of the high classic quality black chandeliers with crystal finish that you ought to be familiar with. Let us discuss some of the high quality models or styles of crystal chandeliers with their features and their high rates.

Strass Crystal Lights

These are manufactured by the Swarovski Company and are the finest crystals of the world that are machine cut, hand polished, and coated with an optical layer to give an exquisite finish. The range varies between $3,500.00 and $15,000.00.

Bohemian Black Crystal Chandelier

The bohemian import selected models of very high quality chandeliers and has the worlds finest hand made products. The range is between $390.00 for a small black crystal chandelier shade or red shade with butterfly design and $62,000.00 for a Victorian large foyer entryway 127 light black chandelier. This is perhaps the most costly chandelier ever found!

If you're maintaining a minimal design of your home, choose a crystal black chandelier.

flickr by S Interior Design

Heritage Crystal Chandelier

These are some of the European designs with various crystals to create a classic design of black crystal chandelier and other colors. Most of these are hand cut and the rate lies anywhere from $500.00 to $10,000.00.

Maria Therese Design

These are very fashionable crystal chandeliers in black, gold, and bronze finishes and have over 111 crystals with over 32 candles. These are not very costly and lies somewhere around few hundred dollars only.

Waterford Crystal chandelier

These are black chandelier light fixtures featuring Lismore cut, which is supposedly Waterfords popular pattern. The cost varies from $350.00 to $7000.00 according to the design and size.

When you are ready to spend lavishly for a luxurious high quality black crystal chandelier, it is recommended to make a double check on the size and pattern so that it exactly fits into your room only to add to the beauty of the room.