Popular Swimming Pool Designs

The options of swimming pool designs for anyone wishing to install a swimming pool are vast. Each design has its own benefits and disadvantages.

Comfort or Sport

There are very many forms of swimming pool designs. Currently there has been a shift from the original and popular inground swimming pool designs that focused on providing a place for children to play to more modern blueprints that appeal to a larger audience. One has the option of having a standard design or one of the luxury swimming pool designs, landscaping accents or sport lanes.

Choose the best swimming pool designs that would fit your home.

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Comparing Style

Depending on your choice you can spend between £8000 and £30,000. The standard rectangular pool design is cheaper and perfect for children. Other luxury swimming pools with zero edge designs; intricate shapes and natural landscaping are more costly. The size of the boundaries and the complexity of the design also influence the cost and the high bid.

Popular pool trends

The infinity pool also known as the zero edge design is one of the most popular designs nowadays. It is mostly found in beach houses and along the lakeshores. It creates an illusion of the lake or ocean sneaking into the owner’s backyard since it does not have boundaries. It is more accessible and swimmable and creates a blend of a landscaping pond and a swimming pool.

Reducing the Cost

Unless your swimming pool design deserves to be seen, you need to purchase a solar pool cover. It is a wise investment that saves money. It is used to cover the pool protecting it from debris and keeping it warm. It has air bubbles that insulate and transmit heat. When facing the pool, it prevents the heat from escaping and when it faces the other side, the bubbles capture and intensify the sun’s heat thus keeping the pool warm and extending the swimming season. It has an initial investment of £30 which can be recovered in the first season and more money saved.