Points To Consider Before Buying A Standing Mirror

If you are in the market for a standing mirror, it will please you to know that they are back in fashion. They are practical and, today, they are manufactured in many trendy designs that best fit your ergonomic chairs or any other kind of chairs you have in your room. Before making your final purchase, consider these important aspects.

Firstly, this type of mirror may not be suitable if you have young children. If they have easy access to the standing mirror, there is always the risk of the glass breaking and the child being injured. Another factor regarding children is the likelihood that the glass will often be smeared with their finger prints so you will need to clean it often. This kind of mirror is as dangerous as metal carports if not planned properly.

Like planning for the perfect spot in your kitchen where you will place your free standing electric cookers, halogen oven, or free standing gas cookers, you must take into consideration the space where the mirror will stand. You should have sufficient space in the room to allow you to stand away from the mirror and view your entire body. If possible, put it away from your adjustable beds or your bunk bed to ensure the safety of your mirror and yourself being hurt. If this is not possible, it may be better to mount a mirror on a door or wall.

There are many points to consider when buying standing mirror.

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When you find a mirror that catches your fancy, test out the height. The mirror will need to have enough height especially if you are tall. Most come with an adjustable control so this shouldn’t be a problem. Also check the mirror’s width because they are manufactured in different widths.

Test the mirror by standing in front of it and view yourself from every angle. Test all the varying positions with the adjustment lever. Ensure that the hinges on the lever are solid, yet easy to move. Also ensure that the mirror is sturdy by bumping it gently.

If your room is small, you must measure the mirror’s base. You must be certain that you will be able to open the door when the mirror is in position. Lastly, it would be great if you could buy a standing mirror that complements the decor in your room. If cost is an issue, buy a cheaper mirror in wood that’s not finished. You can then paint or varnish it to coincide with your decor.

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